5 Step Rule To Prioritize Your Tasks

November 7 2017

Mahatma Gandhi once said "Action Expresses Priorities". Prioritizing is the capacity of people to recognize which activities demand more attention, energy and time. Time is limited. We all are endowed with only 24 hours. We also are restricted in terms of our energy and resources available to us to complete the required tasks. Lot of efforts that we put in , sometimes goes in vain, leading to exasperation and bitterness towards our work. Prioritizing our goals proves to be an effective solution.

Though prioritizing sounds deceptively simple, in reality needs a little bit of endeavour, initiation and practice from our end. Here are few steps that can help you prioritize effectively :-
- Design a catalogue - the foremost thing to do is to simply make a list of all the activities at hand. By doing this, you will be free from any tension about overlooking or forgetting a task and you will not be facing any anxiety.

- Identify - pinpoint your top 3 activities from the list manufactured by you. Choose activities which scream "URGENT". It is usually prudent to put those tasks as priority which demand a lot investment of time and energy from our end. Another way to recognize the tasks is to know the consequences it will bear on other workers if they are depended on us for the task.

- Understand that tasks ranked 2 and 3 are not less important - once you have ranked your top 3 goals, know that the goal 2 and 3 are also important but do not take precedence over the first task. So those should not be neglected and should be accomplished after the first task.

- Non important tasks - we might realize that some of the activities on the list are a waste of time, add less value to our work and by not doing them will not have any adverse result. So throw away those tasks in waste paper basket. Having less tasks on the list will provide relief.

- Multitasking - perceive if multitasking will be advantageous for us in the long run. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin. The quality of work should not be affected in an unfavourable manner. So take conscious decision to adopt multitasking.

Prioritizing gives a sense of taking control over our workload. We will be motivated towards our work. Rewarding is important after completing a task and be assured that you will definitely achieve success in your field of work.