7 Recommended Tools To Build Your Financial Skills

30 June 2020
Knowing how to handle money is a life skill that is important and there have never been more available tools to educate people how to raise money, save, and prepare ahead.
1. Mint.com
Some of the most popular and open personal finance resources available, and it's excellent. Mint is safe, it's simple and lets you retain the target you set by giving you reminders when you've exceeded a certain month's budget. It allows you to sustain the positive financial patterns that you now want to start creating. This is one of the best tools available on the market and gives you a great rundown of your financial health.

2. Learnvest
LearnVest is a fellow donor to Forbes, in the spirit of full disclosure. But it's a lovely, useful tool, and known to be a 101 kinds of personal finance. Whether you'd like to know something about earning, saving, budgeting, taxes, mortgages, investment and so on, it's a fantastic tool whether you're just going to learn about money or trying to broaden your knowledge of it.

3.The Simple Dollar
This blog is a collection with 101 savings, finance, investing, insurance, credit, etc. classes. This is a perfect point of departure for making well educated and prudent investment choices.

4. Robinhood App
The Robinhood software is a simple mobile-phone brokerage service app that provides free investing and is targeted for start-up investors. The app makes it really easy for millennials to invest in individual stocks. It benefits from the accrued interest of uninvested customer deposits of the clients.

5. Stacking Benjamins Podcast
The podcast is more in-depth on different subjects such as paying off loans, investing in real estate, tactics to spend more time and energy, and a guide to spending on theme parks. It also focuses on wealth building and multiple revenue streams.

6. So money Podcast
Farnoosh Torabi, writer, blogger, and personal finance specialist, interviews businessmen and thought leaders on developing their respective companies, personal finance, and personal money experiences.

7. The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast
Since years, Ferriss has become a top-rated podcast, interviewing personalities, intellects and businessmen to explore their methods and habits, including favorite philosophies, novels, daily rituals, fitness regimens, time-management techniques and more that have led to their personal and financial growth.

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