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March 10, 2017
By Yusuf Amusat

You ponder so much on where your first property should be?

Have you enlisted your personality traits, hobbies and what majorly interests you?

The features listed above are so paramount to success and can be determinants to that home you have been dreaming about in the suburb.

First and foremost, your character can easily distinguish you from others in a community. People call it self-esteem which is absolutely wrong.
Personality is the type of person you are, how you behave, feel, and think.
It plays a significant role in your career and throughout your success funnel. It gives you the opportunity to plan ahead of others. This is called 'conscientiousness' under the examples of personality traits.

For example, your friends are still contemplating on how to renovate the properties at hand located in an unfavorable environment. While you are ready to rent out the properties you have in such place. Regardless the economic recession you still aspire to live in places like Lekki Phase 1 and Ikeja GRA due to your personality trait. It also an avenue to meet like minds, thinking mate, Influential personnel who will directly give you the chance for those big tickets transactions you have always prayed for.

Now let's talk about your hobbies and what you preferably do at leisure time.

Do you like to go shopping with spouse and kids over the weekends?

Do you often go see a movie in the cinema?

Do you like to live by the seaside to improve your health?

Do you like to live in a serene environment to enhance your assimilation?

Do you like to have your appointments in clubs?

Are you a sport person that plays golf, tennis, racquet, rugby, cricket and others?

With these outstanding outdoor features listed above, Is there a way we can live without any of them? Distance is very crucial buying your first home. Living near or within these "bubble spot" save you time, worry less about traffic and keep you healthy. Richard Branson says "Fun is a serious business tool". We all are anticipated to have this fun but never thought of the proximity. How do you have all these fun without hurting your business? Here we have the solution...

to be continued.

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