It is Not Enough to Live By Default... Start Living By Design

August 29, 2016
Whether you even believe it or you don't believe it yourself, YOU are a genius somehow in your own way.

Research has shown that, there's something you can do better than the next ten thousand persons.
There are times you experience sparks of exceptional brilliance in your doings, This occasional sparks in you... can turn to habitual brilliance and greatness.
First of all discover your strengths,
Master things in the area of your strengths,
Under study giants that have succeeded in the area of your strength,
Play only to your strengths always and never to your weaknesses,
Believe in your strength more than anyone can ever make you doubt it,
Determine to be the BEST in the area of your strength...
Give your strength all that it takes, and
You will be surprised at who... and what you will turn out to become.

To live by default is to live an average life with limitations from weaknesses, and to live by design is to become great in the area of one's strengths through continuous and never-ending personal mastery.


Source: Olugbenga Stephen ASAOLU

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Steven Rich
Sep 17, 2018:
Well done

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